What does Bionic Best stand for? We strengthen you from the inside.

Güngör Kara
Bionic Best

We founded Bionic Best to give people the nutrients their bodies really need. Nutrients are a building block of life and we make complicated things very simple. Our mission is to give people real added value and to optimize their nutrient supply, which is why we have specialized in personalized nutritional supplements. I, Güngör Kara, have also incorporated the Bionic Fit For Me into my morning routine! The original idea came to me at a previous job through conversations with users of smart, 3D-printed prostheses. They were looking for targeted nutrients to strengthen their bodies from within. I combined my ability to develop new, innovative solutions with the desire to improve people's quality of life. However, an idea is nothing if you don't have a great team! I am proud of my team and that everyone is working towards the same goal.

How did you hear about Caster?

We were looking for a partner who could support our growth and provide us with a high degree of flexibility at the same time. During our search, we came across Caster on Facebook. During my first conversation with a sales specialist, I could immediately see how much attention and care was given to me - as a customer. My point of contact took the time to listen to me and my questions and assured us that the tasks we were handing over could be completed by the Caster team.

How fast and easy was it to start working with Caster?

After getting in touch via social media, we heard back from Caster on the same day, the initial consultation was arranged the next day. After the meeting, we have received an offer that matched our expectations on the same day and signed it. We started our project in just a few days, which turned out to be the right decision. In no time at all we were convinced by the quality of the service, so we wanted to continue working together with the Caster team as quickly as possible. Our cooperation is going strong to this day.

Which types of tasks did we support you with?

We need Caster skills in a wide variety of areas and are able to bring specialist expertise into the team very quickly. From creating ads, posts, content, calendars, and spell-checking to researching relevant information about internationalization and market entry for our products.

In the beginning, we didn't have many tasks for Caster, but after our website was launched (also with the great support of Caster), we handed over more topics and tasks to the team. Caster takes care of creating content for the website.

One example would be our Black Week Sale. We had to get started quickly and Caster prepared everything needed in a very short time. The team also does research for us on various topics such as dietary supplements or health claims, works on text summaries and creates infographics for ingredients.

Another topic we work on together is improving the performance of our websites and funnel pages. Caster regularly analyzes the websites, prepares reports for us, and provides precise suggestions for improvements that have increased performance. Through support in the operations, we have been able to launch new products quickly together.

How did Caster help your business?

The high level of flexibility and a dedicated project manager helped us to complete different tasks to a high professional standard in the shortest possible time. We don't have to explain every step again and again; working with the team, processes run automatically and efficiently. As we have been working together for a long time now, there is an understanding of how we work and how we envision certain things. Not only is the work done, but we are also given ideas for other topics.

We also took advantage of Strategic Advisor as an exclusive product from Caster. In discussions with our advisor Vlatko, we discussed strategic challenges, identified new approach methods for different customer groups, and received valuable input for our further development.

What was the positive impact Caster generated for your business?

We have standardized and optimized processes in our social media channels and set up recurring routine tasks to ensure continuous optimization of our internet presence. Instead of taking a few weeks, we complete our tasks in a few days and sometimes even on the same day. For companies like Bionic Best who want to gain more presence on the market through digital channels and also increase sales activities, this help is very important. By analyzing customer interaction on our website weekly, we know which products our customers are most interested in and in which categories they spend more time. Based on these findings, we have made adjustments that lead to a significant increase in sales and offer our customers a better user expereince on the website.

What did you especially enjoy in our cooperation?

The coordination by the project manager at Caster makes it extremely easy for us to work together. We don't have to find several specialists for different tasks and explain everything to them to onboard them. This task is completely taken over by our project manager. We send her a message in Slack or email with our tasks and she forwards the information to an expert in the Caster team. We receive regular updates from the project manager and know exactly what has already been completed and which tasks the team is working on. Complete transparency. We appreciate this. Through collaboration in Canva, we can directly access the result of the work and make changes ourselves or request revisions.

Were there any special surprises, moments, or anecdotes you remember with joy?

What I like about our collaboration is that the Caster team also gives constructive suggestions for ongoing tasks, often providing new ideas. For example, we had commissioned research into online sales partners and the cast member who was researching for us suggested that we also include online pharmacies. We were happy to take up this suggestion and expanded the task accordingly. Through this suggestion, we won a new group of partners.

We see the cooperation as an integral part of our Bionic Best team, which is why our project manager Janina can also be found by name on our website. After almost a year, we are still very satisfied with our collaboration with Caster and look forward to a continued successful partnership.