CASTER services are not only excel in quality but also provide a cost-effective solution to growing businesses.

Sabarish Panicker
Hire and Care DP GmbH

About company, founder, mission, vision, plans for the future

Hire and Care is an online recruitment platform for healthcare professionals, based in Berlin. We believe that every person deserves high-quality healthcare. At the same time, health professionals deserve a well-paid, fulfilling position in which they can grow and advance. Our digital hiring platform connects hospitals and care homes to find highly-skilled healthcare professionals. We give international nurses a new opportunity – and secure better roles for registered nurses in Germany. Our mission is to strengthen the German healthcare sector, by sourcing qualified international nurses through our digital platform. Our vision is to give every nurse in Germany the recognition and compensation package that they deserve, in a role that they love.

How did you hear about CASTER?

Our introduction to CASTER was a pleasant surprise, thanks to an engaging and informative social media ad I saw on Facebook. From the very first conversation with the team I recognized we share the same values of creating equal work opportunities for employees. You see, we were looking for a company who can support our growth, but more importantly, we were looking for a partner who also understands our mission and recognizes the importance of our work. Hire and Care offers international skilled nurses a chance to work in Germany and build a better life, while CASTER promotes remote work opportunities, diversity and inclusion – a synergy we couldn’t ignore.

How fast and easy was it to start working with us?

The onboarding process was impressively swift and straightforward, in line with our mutual appreciation for efficiency. In our first meeting, our project manager clearly communicated the benefits of CASTER services and took great attention to address all our questions and ideas. We made a plan of tasks together and set first priorities. I felt right away, we are in good hands. What made a special impact on me was the passion and unwavering commitment exhibited by CASTER team members. At Hire and Care, we firmly believe that a happy employee is the foundation of the business. CASTER demonstrated this principle, resulting in our trust.

Which types of tasks did we support you with?

CASTER provided invaluable support for us in sales activities, especially in lead research and first contact. Their skilled team conducted outbound calls and emailings with expertise, successfully identifying potential leads and approaching them in a professional and structured manner. CASTER offers business fluent and native speakers in English and German language. For us, building our business in German-speaking markets, we needed experienced German-speaking sales professionals who understand the language but also the business etiquette of the market.

How did CASTER help your business?

CASTER has made a significant difference in Hire and Care's business operations. Their efficiency and precision led to faster task completion, resulting in a substantial increase in our sales. This boost in revenue ultimately contributed to the growth of the German healthcare sector.

What was the positive impact CASTER generated for your business?

CASTER’s impact on Hire and Care’s business was remarkable. Their quick action was evident when they arranged first appointments with new qualified leads within only three days of our cooperation. This rapid response didn’t just save time; it unlocked valuable opportunities within our team. Furthermore, CASTER´s support played a crucial role in swiftly closing the sales deals. Within the first month, we already had won a number of new clients. This led to a significant increase of our client base and revenue, opening new pathways to growth and success.

What did you especially enjoy in our cooperation?

We value the dedication CASTER brought into our partnership and the shared values, which made our collaboration successful and enjoyable. Another aspect we appreciate in this cooperation is the reliability and speed of CASTER services, that not only excel in quality but also provide a cost-effective solution to growing businesses.

Were there any special surprises, moments, or anecdotes you remember with joy?

Certainly! Our collaboration with CASTER has been an absolute delight. The consistent commitment and exceptional service they provided have been a source of joy. If you are looking for a trustworthy partner, efficient communication, full transparency of work and immediate positive business impact, we wholeheartedly recommend CASTER. As for us - Hire and Care is excited to continue our partnership.