The CASTER team did not just complete the tasks I asked for, but were also thinking outside of the box and provided me with good advice.

Lily Chuang
Ginja Food GmbH

About company, founder, mission, vision, plans for the future:

Meet Lily Chuang; a solopreneur, ambitious woman and an empowered professional. My name is Lily Chuang, and I come from the beautiful island of Taiwan. Over the past 15 years, I have had many adventures, lived in, and experienced different countries and cultures. No matter where I go, I always take my picky taste in food with me, which has become an integral part of my identity. As a busy professional, I don’t have a lot of time to cook. However, I miss the authentic flavors of Asia I grew up with. Driven by my passion for food and a desire to bring the true essence of Asian cuisine to people's homes, I decided to start my own business. And that's how Ginja Food GmbH was born. While there are already many ready-made Asian dishes on the market, most of them are not particularly healthy. At Ginja Food, we place great emphasis on using fresh and high-quality ingredients. Our meals are designed to contain a balanced combination of essential nutrients to contribute to the person’s well-being.

How did you hear about CASTER?

I remember seeing this very creative ad on Facebook, and I thought to myself - virtual assistant? This could be just a thing for my new business. I have never worked with an outsourcing company before and wasn’t sure how it works. However, I have heard about virtual assistant services, and was curious to see if this type of business could support me on my entrepreneurial journey. Being a solopreneur and starting a new business from scratch often requires more hours in a day then one actually might have! Having professional support on a number of different tasks proved to be the right choice.

How fast and easy was it to start working with CASTER?

Very fast, just the way I was hoping it would be! From the first call I had with the team to the start of the partnership, the whole process was transparent and easy. The CASTER team organized a kick-off meeting at the beginning of our cooperation. I am a great believer in preparation, so I prepared a list of potential tasks and goals to start with. My project assistant was very helpful, and quickly understood my business and the topics that are important to me. Together we defined priorities and her team started working on the tasks right away. The great thing about having your own dedicated project assistant is that you have a single point of contact: you can communicate the tasks, receive updates and communicate through one person. The communication is very clear and direct - mostly in Slack but also via email. My project assistant always replies promptly and accurately. It gave me a feeling of trust and support I needed.

Which types of tasks did we support you with?

The CASTER team supported me in different areas. Many of the tasks were focused on researching - market and product research but also with competitor analysis, import regulations and documentation. The product I am launching is innovative and new on the European market, so understanding the market landscape and customer needs played a key role during the product development. The research results team prepared, helped me make the right decisions at the right time.

How did CASTER help your business?

Team members working on the project are multilingual - speaking fluent English and German language. This proved to be especially valuable when contacting authorities about import regulations, as well as in the creation of product surveys and polls for the market research. As an entrepreneur, solopreneur, and founder I especially valued the exchange the Strategic Advisor program gave me. Strategic Advisor is a consultative 1 on 1 session with a senior CASTER business expert. We brainstormed together, discussed product development and future sales approaches, and tested several business strategies together. It was great to have an experienced advisor on my side as a sparring partner. I gained a fresh perspective that proved to be very valuable.

What was the positive impact CASTER generated for your business?

The positive impact on daily business meant having someone to take care of many small and medium-sized tasks every entrepreneur faces. Things run smoother, and I can focus my valuable time on strategic decisions for my business. On the strategic level product design was a game-changer for me. During the early stage of product development, there were different options I was considering. Customer surveys the CASTER team prepared, focusing on the expectations and preferences of different customer groups towards Asian food provided clear insights for further development of the product.

What did you especially enjoy in our cooperation?

I really like the interaction and communication. I feel we are in the same boat together, we work together, find solutions. They are my extended colleagues I can share my ideas and concerns with. The CASTER team did not just complete the tasks I asked for, but were also thinking outside of the box and provided me with good advice.

Were there any special surprises, moments or anecdotes you remember with joy?

My project assistant Minako has a lot of experience working with different companies. Her experience and insights based on this experience helped me avoid some of the potential risks and challenges on my entrepreneurial journey.