Plans & Pricing

Plans & Pricing

Our most popular plans


Contract period
3-month plan
1150 month + VAT
Contract hours
20h month

Sprinter is perfect for those who want to get a taste of what our service has to offer. With a focus on speed and efficiency, this plan is ideal for clients who currently require short-term support, but still want to experience the benefits we provide.


Contract period
6-month plan
1850 month + VAT
Contract hours
40h month

Driver is designed for clients who want to dive deeper and explore more. Focusing on quality and personalization, this plan is perfect for businesses who want to shift to a higher gear and speed up their growth by unlocking additional capabilities of our team.


Contract period
12-month plan
1550 month + VAT
Contract hours
40h month

Flyer takes your business above and beyond. Delivering the best of our service, paired with long-term planning and commitment, Flyer ensures an extended set of support for any task necessary. Perfect for companies who navigate towards high-performance efficiency and require a dedicated team on board for lasting impact.

Different options for your business needs with different contract duration models and monthly volume of hours. Full transparency, no hidden costs.

Custom solutions

You have very specific needs and unique timelines?
Reach out to us for a custom approach.

  • Strategic Advisor
    For a fresh perspective on your business, launching a new product or attracting new customer groups.
    We can be your sparring partner to brainstorm and bounce-off ideas, designing a new approach. Book an individual 1 on 1 session with our experts.
  • Caster Engineering
    All your engineering needs in one plan: Software design and development, website development, maintenance, and more. Share your request for a custom approach.

What we do differently

  • Single point of contact with a dedicated project manager - for all your tasks, questions, updates, requests. 
  • Caster manages your every task, its work format, prioritization and timeline
    - according to your requirements.
  • We select and assign team members for each tasks, no delays.
  • All the skills you need in one expert team : diverse business areas, any project size.
  • Simple and fast - streamlined processes and fast delivery. From signature to kick-off meeting within a week.
  • Unlimited number of task requests, all within one plan.
  • High quality standards and regular quality control.
  • No hidden costs - fixed costs and complete transparency.