How it works

How it works

  1. Step 01

    Share one or more tasks
  2. Step 02

    Project manager receives the tasks, coordinates and assigns them to our team members
  3. Step 03

    Team members complete tasks
  4. Step 04

    Project manager shares results with you - DONE

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How do I communicate with the Project Manager?
You can choose your preferred tool from Chatwork, Slack, or e-mail.
How should I prepare an account for the cloud tools used for operations?
Please prepare an account dedicated to your Project Assistant whenever possible. To ensure client confidentiality, we will prepare a separate relay account.
How do you manage information?
All Project Assistants sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with us. All information is stored in an encrypted environment, with sensitive information managed using Lastpass, a password management and vault app tool.
How are contract hours calculated by Caster?
All the time required to carry out the requested work is rigorously accounted for. This includes: preparation meetings, research and document/spreadsheet creation.
Our minimum unit for time keeping begins with 5 minutes (rounded up).
Depending on the nature and complexity of the task, we may be required to use affiliated services and therefore more time will be needed.
How do you ensure quality of performance on my tasks?
We control the quality of our services on many levels. Firstly, each team member passes a rigorous selection process before joining Caster. Moreover, each task will be performed exactly according to your instructions by a person, who has the appropriate skills to perform it. Finally, the quality of the delivery will be checked for by your personal Project Assistant before landing back with you.
What if I only want 1 short task to be performed and do not need a subscription for 20h/month?
Our services are provided at a minimum of 20 h/month because we want to ensure quality and continuity and appoint an excellent project assistant for each client. Therefore, our service offering is not well suited for tasks and engagements that are significantly shorter than 20h/month
Is Caster also available in German?
Currently, most of the tasks can be performed in English, and some in German. Please, inform us about your language preferences in advance and we will do our best to accommodate them.