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walk this way.

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Shota Nakagawa
Shota Nakagawa CEO

My motivation to start a business in the field of remote work was not driven by profit or the need to prove something. I wanted to change the perception of remote work, help it become more accepted and valued in the business world.

Remote workers deserve the same appreciation, recognition, and visibility in society. This mindset represents the mission of our company: walk this way.

Make remote work accessible to everyone, not just people with specific skills, working in selected industries. We are advocates of diversity and inclusion in remote work. This is the first step towards the evolution of working style.


  • Building trust
    4,300 Entrepreneurs We have more that 4300 clients globally, of different sizes - from solopreneurs and startups to corporations.
  • Employees
    804 Applicants Job seekers applying to our openings. Working remotely is on the rise. Experts are increasingly interested in the flexibility of the remote work.
  • Retention rate
    96.0 % Percentage of clients who continue. Our focus on the highest quality of service guarantees long-lasting partnerships.(Retention rate is calculated as "100%-churn rate")

Fiscal year ending Aug. 2023

Our team

  • Vlatko Draganovic
    Global Manager
  • Sandris Graudins
    Junior Sales Associate
  • Tamami Iwakiri
    Localization Specialist